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Our team strives to help not only organizations but also individuals discover their potential and experience success.
We offer an ever-expanding variety of services, all custom tailored to meet our client’s needs.


Eagle Consulting LLC offers Specialty Occupation, Labor Condition Application, Proffered Position Expert Letters that are tailored, comprehensive and unbiased assessments of credentials, typically written in support of extraordinary-ability aliens, outstanding researchers, national-interest waivers, labor certifications, and RFE cases. Dr. Sullivan and her staff outline specific points that UCSIS officers often depend on for positive assessments. Our Expert Letters contain detailed information about the beneficiary and petitioner to explain the unique technical skills, education, experience and technical achievements, delineating all awards, recognized publications, and other relevant information. These comprehensive letters are performed by recognized industry leaders.
Documents required to produce an expert opinion letter:

  • A thorough resume detailing specific jobs held, names of employers, dates of employment, and responsibilities of the positions held.
  • The academic documents (degree certificate and transcripts/marksheets in both original language and translated English)
  • The resume that includes experience and technical skills
  • Expanded Job duties and responsibilities that include percents and direct projects that job offer/position designed for
  • The employer (petitioner) support letter (or Petitioner details)
  • Project/position specific details and requirements of the position as stated in the job offer
  • Specialty awards, certificates and special training that relates directly to the position
  • The complete RFE and LCA (O’Net classification and LCA Wage Level distinction)
  • A list of any and all industry association memberships as well as any honors or awards.

Schedule of Rates

Compehensive Customized Letters Standard (5 business days) 3 Day (Rush)* 48 hr  Rush
Specialty Occupation / LCA Wage Level Letter / Proffered Postion Starting at $1050  Add $200 Add $300
Other Expert Opinion Letters Please call for estimates

* All requested documents are required to START letter.  To get next day must be ordered before 2 PM EST.

**Special bulk pricing available.  Please call for quote.

Experience – Services

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Quality Information Systems (web or software applications) are the backbone of most business operations today (whether client-facing or internal), yet, according to Research studies “one-third of business stakeholders are dissatisfied with the quality of their current information systems.”

A poorly integrated and tested information system severely effects on an organization’s clients, sales, partnerships, employees and financial bottom line.

Security, cloud computing, virtualization, service-oriented architectures, mobile deployments, and ever-changing compliance requirements all strain the performance of information systems and the abilities of IT department or team.