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Dawn Sullivan, Ph.D.

Doctor of Philosophy in Information Technology specializing in IT Education

Researcher / Consultant / Analyst / Educator / Enterprise Software Architect / Business Analyst/ Information Technology Analyst/ Information Systems Management Analyst / Organizational Strategic Specialist / Business and Financial Solutions Analyst and Developer / Help-Desk Supervisor and Operator/  Foreign Credentials Evaluation Specialist / Subject Matter Expert

Dr. Sullivan has over 20 years of research and experience across multiple disciplines and industries. Her expansive knowledge base includes, but isn’t limited to the fields of informatics, information technology, business, and education. Dr. Sullivan possesses both experience and extensive knowledge in areas including training development, incorporating new teaching methodologies and advanced technology systems into organizations.  Dr. Sullivan’s ability to advise and counsel clients, as well as her expertise in training others in the use of advanced technology has been gained through her dedicated studies in a broad range of disciplines and her many years of experience. Dr. Sullivan’s various experiences throughout the years have molded her into a skilled communicator possessing the ability to work with a diverse multi-generational population.

Possessing an intense love for learning has served Dr. Sullivan well. Her knowledge extends far beyond informatics to include multiple engineering and technical disciplines.  Areas of expertise that Dr. Sullivan’s studies and experience cover include: Software, Computer Systems, Electronics, Electrical, Industrial, Mechanical, Production, and Agriculture.

The knowledge and experience that Dr. Sullivan has accumulated have allowed her to gear her expertise toward the elimination of waste in the workplace.   Waste in the workplace is more complex than a simple misuse of monetary funds.  Dr. Sullivan strives to find ways to eliminate the waste of time, materials, personnel hours, machinery downtime, energy and company momentum.  By implementing the efficient use of all resources involved in maintaining a profitable business, Dr. Sullivan works to improve not only the efficiency but also the sustainability.

Dr. Sullivan possesses and utilizes her extensive knowledge and expertise in converting raw data into useful information for devising sound organizational solutions using critical thinking, analytics, and statistics.  Dr. Sullivan’s knowledge extends beyond simply understanding the application, skills required and duties and responsibilities associated with performing tasks that are required by multiple disciplines.  Her past work in multiple disciplines awards her with a level of expertise that can only be gained through hands-on experience.

Due to her years of continued study, Dr. Sullivan’s knowledge of information technology systems is not limited to a single area but extends across multiple industries.  Dr. Sullivan has both knowledge and experience in research, design, development, implementation, testing, and maintenance with a special focus on growth, sustainability, and analysis.

Years of hands-on experience in the following industries: restaurant, retail, trucking, construction, agricultural livestock, crop production, supply chain logistics, heavy equipment repair, fabrication, and service have equipped Dr. Sullivan with a vast array of knowledge in a wide variety of occupations.

Dr. Sullivan is committed to motivating and encouraging others to strive for and achieve their academic, professional, and personal goals.  Proof of her commitment lies in her voluntary assistance within multiple organizations throughout her community.   Dr. Sullivan uses her experience and knowledge to assist these various organizations with operation management, business and financial obligations, technical support as well as training and development in the use of technology.




Enterprise Software Architecture (September 2009 - March 2011) Capella University   Courses: Technical Communications Introduction to Enterprise Application Architecture Managing People and Technology System Development Theory and Practice Enterprise Software Architecture Quality Assurance Business Foundations Architecture Requirements Analysis Enterprise Database Systems Enterprise Software Architecture Design [...]


Software Architecture (April 2006 - March 2009) Summa Cum Laude Graduate March 2009 Capella University General Courses Communicating in New Media English Composition Chemistry for Changing Times Introduction to Human Society Introduction to Astronomy Introduction to Humanities Art History Survey Discrete Mathematics Visual Design in [...]

Electronics Engineering Technology Courses

Navigational Aids and Meteorological Equipment Maintenance Specialist/Technician

Experience – Services

  • Business System Analyst

    The position of Business Systems Analyst has always been Dr. Sullivan’s first love in her long career in the IT industry. She began working as a Business Systems Analyst in 1993 and was immediately drawn to the challenge presented by this position. As a Business… Read more…

  • Computer Systems Analyst

    Dr. Sullivan began working as a Computer Systems Analyst in 1990. During the last 17 years, her ability to research a company’s needs and to make the appropriate recommendations for moving forward has reached a high level of expertise. Dr. Sullivan’s meticulous method of examining… Read more…

  • Database Specialist

    In her position of Database Administrator and Database Analyst, Dr. Sullivan uses her knowledge and substantial experience in IT to protect the integrity of each company’s data. Part of her responsibilities includes making the needed data available to the client and the employees. An understanding… Read more…

  • Software Architect

    Dr. Sullivan’s natural inclination toward both the technical and the mechanical workings of computer systems are assets that have served her well since 2008 in her position as Software Architect. Her technical nature partnered with years of study and hands-on experience has allowed her to… Read more…

  • IT Auditor

    In her position of IT Auditor, Dr. Sullivan creates a solid information technology infrastructure while collaborating with clients to devise and implement policies and procedures to ensure network security. Due to the rapidly changing world of IT, keeping her technological skills current is a prime… Read more…

Quality Information Systems (web or software applications) are the backbone of most business operations today (whether client-facing or internal), yet, according to Research studies “one-third of business stakeholders are dissatisfied with the quality of their current information systems.”

A poorly integrated and tested information system severely effects on an organization’s clients, sales, partnerships, employees and financial bottom line.

Security, cloud computing, virtualization, service-oriented architectures, mobile deployments, and ever-changing compliance requirements all strain the performance of information systems and the abilities of IT department or team.