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Professional Experience

Eagle PC Consulting was founded and developed by Dr. Sullivan, from 2000 until the present, from the conception she has held the following positions.

Software Architect
Information Technology Consultant
Business Analyst

From her original concept, Dr. Sullivan has built and continued to manage Eagle PC Consulting, her duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to;


  • Writing progress reports, project proposals, and other documentation providing timely information
  • Facilitating strategic planning and organizational learning for sustainability
  • Preparing presentations and training materials for conference calls and IT projects
  • Communicating with clients to respond to requests for information and technical assistance
  • Providing virtual and remote level communication via email, chat, etc

Management and Training

  • Providing administration duties related to web, network, server, database, and other information systems
  • Providing training and training material to aid in utilization of computer, software, network, communication, and information systems
  • Providing remote and on-site training, diagnostics, maintenance, monitoring, and repair
  • Providing environmental analysis for strategic business planning and incorporating innovation
  • Providing learning material and resources for innovation, information systems, and career planning


  • Providing installation, maintenance, and repair of computer, information, and technology systems
  • Providing technical support for the utilization of software, hardware, and information systems
  • Providing quality assurance and testing of computer, software, and information systems
  • Coding application software for business reports, forms templates, data analysis and modification, ad hoc reports, or other single application programs using Word, Excel, Access, and Adobe Acrobat
  • Coding web applications for business form and reports, data analysis and modification, and other information regarding business services
  • Providing proposals and solutions to identify and implement improvements to streamline business processes and increase efficiency and productivity
  • Providing post implement audits and analytics of computer and information systems,
  • Providing in-house, remote and virtual duties for business processes and IT projects
  • Providing research analysis for trends and new business opportunities

Project Management

  • Serves as a liaison between IT and business individuals for continual business flow
  • Addresses logistical and programmatic challenges are they arise
  • Ensuring smooth project implementations and operations
  • Providing IT governance and contingency plans to help protect organizations due to threats, security, disaster recovery, business impact and business continuity
  • Provides research analysis for trends and new business opportunities

Independent Contractor – National Success Marketing, Weston, FL., 2007 – April 2018

Chief Operating Officer / Director of Operations
Customer & Technical Support Analyst
Senior Foreign Credential Evaluator
Subject Matter Expert – immigration (H1b, Eb2/3, TN, E3, etc.), higher education, foreign educational systems, career advancement

Her daily duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to the following;

  • Performing duties of office manager, customer and technical support, and system analyst
  • Performing duties of database administrator, web application developer, and business analyst
  • Performing foreign education evaluations for all levels of education
  • Providing instruction for clients on educational and employment needs
  • Providing monitoring and support for email, order tracking systems and contact management
  • Providing technical support and training for computer, network, server and information systems
  • Providing expert opinions for Specialty Occupation, Educational/Experience Duties and requirements (to date 100% USCIS approvals on specialty occupation)
  • Performing research and analysis on USCIS trends for denials, request for evidence, etc.
  • Providing analysis and expert opinions for career consulting and employment-based documents
  • Providing assessments relating to foreign educational systems and US equivalency

Assistant Professor, Charisma University, and Professor, Universidad Empresarial de Costa Rica: with the ability to grant academic credit for prior work experience in all subjects and at all levels, without limitation.

From 2006 Dr. Sullivan has been self-employed, working as a sub-contractor to multiple Organizations across several industries in the following positions;

Enterprise Software Architect
Business Systems Consultant & Analyst
Subject Matter Expert
Educator & Trainer
Information Technology Management Consulting
Technology Systems Consultant

Dr. Sullivan’s duties and responsibilities on a daily basis include, but are not limited to;

  • Providing instruction for multiple generational students in technology instruction (hardware and application systems)
  • Providing monitoring, maintenance and technical expertise on multiple support information technology systems
  • Providing instruction and support for implementing technology systems
  • Providing IT governance documents along with contingency planning for business continuity
  • Providing financial and tax reports, marketing plans and other business applications for Small Businesses
  • Providing hands-on training for individuals and organizations to implement and utilize technology systems
  • Providing custom applications to aid in strategic planning for organizations

Other Experience:
2012 – 2016 Substitute Teacher / Tutor

Her duties included but were not limited to:

  • Performing instruction and teaching duties for Pre-K-12 school students in the absence of the teacher in all subject areas
  • Providing assistance and technical support on information technology systems, research, and writing
  • Initiate, facilitate, and moderate classroom discussions

2004 – 2016  Trucking Industry (Owner Operator), Independent Construction 

Office Manager / Bookkeeper / Business Analyst / Accountant

During her employment with B&P Trucking her duties and responsibilities included but were not limited to;

  • Direct operations, analyze Designing and implementing software solutions for business reports
  • Accounting
  • Tax preparation
  • Providing virtual office operations for day-to-day activities
  • Providing technical support, training, research for computer and information systems
  • Providing and researching future business opportunities
  • Providing strategic reports based on trends and weaknesses

1997 – 2004 Welding and Machine, Heavy Equipment Repair 

Office Manager / Assistant

This job’s duties and responsibilities entailed, but were not limited to the following;

  • Performing the duties of Office Manager (invoicing, bookkeeping, writing proposals, etc.
  • Developing business forms, templates, and reports for business operation
  • Assisting with pickup and delivery
  • Cleaning, rebuilding and testing hydraulic machine parts


Experience – Services

  • Business System Analyst

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  • Computer Systems Analyst

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  • Database Specialist

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  • Software Architect

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  • IT Auditor

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Quality Information Systems (web or software applications) are the backbone of most business operations today (whether client-facing or internal), yet, according to Research studies “one-third of business stakeholders are dissatisfied with the quality of their current information systems.”

A poorly integrated and tested information system severely effects on an organization’s clients, sales, partnerships, employees and financial bottom line.

Security, cloud computing, virtualization, service-oriented architectures, mobile deployments, and ever-changing compliance requirements all strain the performance of information systems and the abilities of IT department or team.